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The 2019 Mill Chill is currently sold out to the general public, but we have a wait list.  As of 11/12 we have 585 registrations.  We have 500 event glasses delivered and another 150 from prior years.  This puts a firm 650 participant cap on our event.


We donate all proceeds from our race to the Greater Carolina's MS Society.  We have countless sponsors and breweries that support us with this endeavor.  The sponsors have complimentary race entries for their support. 


We have 65 unused sponsor spots as on 11/12.  We will begin releasing spots to the general public on 11/16.  So please join the wait list now.


NOTE FOR SPONSOR ENTRIES: If you have a sponsor spot (breweries and businesses), please join the wait list and then email us at TarRiverRunningCo (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and sponsor information so we can send you your entry link.  DO NOT WAIT.  Do this quickly so we can get you in the race.  Thanks!

Thank you for your support of the Mill Chill and the MS Society.

The Forrester Family


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